FO :: The Brick Red Crescent Shawl


16 thoughts on “FO :: The Brick Red Crescent Shawl

  1. It’s beautiful T, such a warm colour too. No doubt your gift exchange partner will be thrilled to bits with it, I’m very envious. In fact, can WE do a gift exchange?!!!

    • Of course we can!!! I’m glad and honoured you asked me that!! Is there anything in particular you’d like to have and which is the colour you like most?

      • Ooh, I would love a shawl, any style, in one of my favourite colours – pink, turquoise or red. Of course, I will understand if this is too big a request, you must be honest with me – it’s just that I am in love with all your shawls!! What would you like me to make for you?

      • It is not a big request,on the contrary, I’ll knit it with great pleasure! Just talked with my friend Katia who sold me the mustard yarn to see what yarn she has at hers and she’s sending me the photos right now 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yarn chosen,it is a nice blue melange, not exactly turquoise, but I think you’ll going to like it 🙂 it is my mustard sibiling… is this ok for you?
        I absolutely love this bag
        It is beautiful and useful and funny and lovely and gorgeous and I think it could help me to understand how quilting works (I tried to made a phone case following your iPad case tutorial but it went totally wrong… :/ 😮 ) ….. What do you think,is that an equal deal or my request is too big?

      • Not at all, I will enjoy making it for you! I will make you a matching phone case too, seeing as yours didn’t work out – what phone have you got?

      • Oh,thank you! That will be great!!! It is a Nokia Lumia 1020 an my phone is saying thanks since it will be kept safe in its new case! But,please,take your time!! I’ll need something like a month to have the shawl ready.

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