FO :: the Button Sanctuary tote bag


4 thoughts on “FO :: the Button Sanctuary tote bag

  1. I love it! From the choice of fabric which shows off the buttons so well, to the gorgeous contrasting handles andd lining – just beautiful! Your sewing skills are coming on so quickly, by the time you come to make the messsenger bag, it will be perfect:)

    • Thank you,Sheila! It is always so good foe me to read your words of encouragement! I think I will need some help though…. In particular for that damn fusible interfacing…. Which to chose and why oh why it didn’t glue correctly when I pressed it…. Maybe it is not good,maybe I should use steam…. I’ll try a different type next time but before that I’ll try the quilting technique for my Mum’s bag…. Hope that the image I have in mind will become real….

      • No, don’t use steam on interfacing!! You need to have the iron on a hot setting and press on each area for 8 seconds for the glue to stick. It’s good for things like bag pockets but I would use a specialist bag stiffener or, as you suggest, fleece for the main body of the bag.

      • Thank you so so very much for your advice! I’ll go to the fabric store and see what they have at their disposal… I think I’ll try to find anything suitable for an interfacing and will let you know 🙂 Thanks again,Sheila!!

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