My first beanie ever….

…. hot off my needles….. I was asked by my Mother in law to knit this as my Father in law’s birthday present…. I had two balls left of the merino I used to knit my Big man’s sweater,a perfect amount for a comfy beanie….



That nice lady called Catia, the owner of my favourite yarn store, gave me the basic directions while the cables were an idea of mine….


… this is me wearing the beanie just to show you how it looks like once put on….



….this is the first time for the tubular cast on,too….


The edge of the beanie turned out quite elastic and from now on I’ll opt for the same method for socks, too…. it seems that my garments have started to look quite neat and professional…. I’m so happy for that…. sorry,the photos are not the best ones…. it is time to think about learning the art of photography…. but sometimes I just can’t help myself and have to show you my finished WIPs in the very moment I put down the needles…. 😛

Have a wonderfuld day,my dear friends!





14 thoughts on “My first beanie ever….

    • Thanks,BMary!!! I tried to knit as best as I could and am so happy that the beanie turned out so well….even my BM surprised me this morning before leaving for work and offered himself as a guinea pig for it ❤ ❤ ❤ the beanie fits him well and since his father's head is a bit smaller 😀 😀 😀 …… LOL it should be ok ….

    • Thank you!!! The main reason I’m so happy is my learning of the tubular cast on and bind off…. especially now when there’s a third nephew to be born soon, the first one of my Big man,so baby garments are on the way….

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