Knitting in public

Hello,my friends!

Today I knitted in public for the first time ever 🙂 It was quite nice and am happy I did it.I’m spending this weekend alone so I wanted to do something I usually do not and take advantage of the rare sunny days of this mad summer…. The location is my favourite one, the already known Parco Ducale 🙂 I managed to find the official website,it was really about time 🙂

Enjoy the photos!













20 thoughts on “Knitting in public

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s funny to crochet and knit in public!People do not stare but are curious about what you are doing 🙂 especially on trains or buses…. But yesterday nobody mindid me too much and I spent three very peaceful hours….

    • I totally agree!Have to admit that there’s always a big challenge between hook,needles or book but at the en there’s always enough space for all of them 🙂 The bag you see is one of my very first project, a work that made my Mum incredulous about my newly discovered crochet skill two years ago.She was so stunned with my bag and its design that even followed my directions to sew on its lining….

    • I was lucky that day because the weather was good,not too hot but sunny… this park is one of my favourite places in Parma,you can be surrounded by hordes of people and still have the feeling to be all by yourself…. and you can have an idea about how Parma’s high society lived once….

      • he he I’m hailing from a different country even if I’m half Italian 🙂 I’m trying to learn to love Parma since I have to spend a lot of time here LOL but I can tell you that I have some fun lately and a great luck to meet nice people…. so I’m starting to feel like at mine…. or at least a sort of…. I realized that cities has always a hidden face which you start to descover after a while….. this second face is my favourite….

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