It’s true,absolutely….

…every single time I go out and spend some time downtown I should be flogged….that because I always buy something that it’s not necessary….. but that makes me drool like a hungry doggie….


….yarn,needles,round stitch markers,scissors….a pair of beautiful embroidery scissors….as I saw them I forgot all my annoyances….



…. if you were in my shoes,what would you do?Would you leave this goodie in the store……?Come on,honestly….. (I need to hear that I’ve done the right thing indeed…..)……

….and the yarn…..oh the yarn………….


….I still have my second sock sample unfinished but I couldn’t resist to this skein…. This is for me personally….. I’d like to make myself a pair of socks to wear in house and which will make me feel at ease,especially now that I’m spending my time alone….think that today’s shopping was a kind of solace for the solitary period I’ve started to face this very week…. at least i didn’t throw my money away but purchased some nice and cozy stuff… 😀





18 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. See, right there… when you say that you want to make yourself a pair of socks to wear around the house and make you feel at ease… that’s as good a reason as any to splurge a little. It’s good to take care of yourself sometime. 🙂 Hugs to you!

  2. I can NEVER resist buying something. The only way is to not go browsing and where’s the fun in that? I’ve always wanted to make socks but have never tried. Must put on my ‘to do’ list. X

    • I’m so glad to receive all that understanding!It helps me feel less guilty and more happy!!!Glad that my Big man also said that I did well when he got home last night….. 😀 Sock knitting is fun and can’t wait to start knitting a serious pair after finishing my samples… 🙂

  3. Oh, yes! Even I do just like you…. I already have so much beads and fabric for an year! Oh, yes, I am not so fast as you are! But, wish to be crafting as busy as you do… 🙂 TC! Keep smiling 🙂

    • My dear friend, I really do love to work!And I miss a job sooooooooooooooooooo much!Keeping me busy and trying to be fast is a way to make me useful somehow….

  4. I have pretty little scissors just about everywhere. One can never have enough or too many. 🙂 You need at least one in every colour.
    And even more so, one can never have enough sock yarn. Each time I order knitting yarn, one or two balls of sock yarn always seem to slip onto the order as well. 😉
    Happy knitting.

    • You make me smile joyfully with your kind words!!! And make me feel soooooooo good that I can’t find words to thank you properly!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I'm on my way to knit the foot of my second sock sample….can't wait to finish it so can start to knit mine….but….have to do of my best and knit a pair for my Big man who is working away so he can bring them on his travels and feel at ease… ❤ I still have some problems to understand how to knit the heel but am on my way to solve it…. 🙂

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