Last minute project

Hello,my dear friends!

I don’t know if this happens to you,too…. sometimes I find myself making a project which has to be ready in a few days…. like the below one….


….I found these two stuffed Planes characters for my nephews (have you watched the movie?I haven’t,but my elder nephew has and he loved it a lot…. ) and thought that it might be nice if they have a throw for the night……. well,I have some yarn at home that could work well both as a landing field and a throw…so here I am…trying to knit it as fast as possible to finish it off for the next week……..let’s hope I’ll do my miracle………..





15 thoughts on “Last minute project

  1. Knowing the time and dedication you put into all your projects your nephews will adore the throw, now get back to your knitting and don’t forget to breath LOL

    • LOL You made me laugh to tears 😀 😀 😀 Thank God,I had stopped smoking a year ago so my lungs are stronger now and I can hold my breath longer LOL

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