My new friends….

Hello,my dear friends!

……oh,I’m in love………….I really am…………. (madness rules at mine lately…..)………….






Yesterday morning I was at the dentist and on my way home I saw a nice pair of Knit Pro’s one pointed needles……….I’m not a fan of straight needles but when I saw those I got crazy………. They are quite expensive….10  vs. 5 € of the low-cost ones but….what a pleasure is having those beauties at mine………….. 🙂 Well,I have to admit that I went to buy them only in the late afternoon….. that because I didn’t want to spend money on it….. then it happened that I needed some directions for shaping the armholes on Rossana’s tank top and had to go at Catia’s store…. that kind woman gave me the indications I needed and gave me some advice with the yarn I have at my disposal and which I’m going to use to knit a scarf for my Sis in law…well,initally I thought to crochet it but my sample turned out very firm and not pleasant to wear at all….Catia said me to add a strand of mohair yarn and to use needles of 6mm gauge…. and the result is that….


…you can’t feel it,but believe me if I say that the twist is so very soft… I love and appreciate people who help me without demanding nothing for their help….I have in mind what to give to that kind woman,just need time for crafting….it will be ready for Christmas for sure!!!!And here it is,my precious ball of mohair…. (well,I will not tell you how much I’ve paid for …. that 40 gr of yarn ….. )…….



I just love it….and it is perfect to link together the pink and black of the yarn at my disposal…..


A simple garter stitch but so nice….

Hope that my Sis in law will like it….I think I’ll add a rose brooch crocheted with the same yarn….oh,it will be sweet…. 🙂

As I spent money for yarn I decided that it was worth spending money on needles,too……. 🙂 A great choice!!! I’m happy!!!





15 thoughts on “My new friends….

  1. Knit Pro.. is like a MUST have tool.. LOL.. i love the circular ones which can interchange to different sizes.. (*crossing fingers that I will hope to own some soon.. ) p/s… yes.. they are so expensive.. ;( need to save up on good needles

    • Oh,I have already the interchangeable ones! Yippee!!!!Not all the gauges,just 4.5, 3.5 and 3 mm but those necessary for garment knitting!Well,I’m lucky because I found a store here in Parma where I can purchase single pairs and the price range is from 5 to 10 euros…. accessible from time to time 🙂

    • Thanks,Jennifer!I can’t wait either!I must admit that I started to love pink quite late and can’t figure out why I thought it childish….infact,it is so womanly…..

  2. The mohair yarn is BEAUTIFUL, the feel on the skin will be like silk, your sis in law is a very lucky lady !!! the pro knit needles are a delight many congratulations on your purchase LOL Christmas will be a crafting delight at your home this year ❤

    • Oh,I’m already so very excited!!!It is so astonishing how a small amount of a yarn can make someone happy….I would never say,two years ago, that I would appreciate so much fine fibers as mohair or merino wool …. the yarn and fabric world is still waiting to be discovered by me…. 🙂 LOL By the way,I need to find some time to brush up on the English grammar……

  3. Wow Tajana! I am mad about the needles and the yarns too… Each time, I want to buy everything I see in the store! Such a craziness it is! Drooling over your needles and yarns… I am waiting to see how the scarf would look when finished, baby pink and black is such a wonderful combination!

    TC! Keep smiling 🙂 ❤ ❤

    • Sometimes it is just necessary purchase something just to make rejoice the soul….I like a lot to knit the scarf,can’t wait to see it finished 🙂 and seeing my excitement it will be ready soon 🙂

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