Hello,my friends!

I said yesterday that I would work on the mobile today….and so it was!!But, first of all,let me thank for the nth time that nice person who Jennifer from Squirrel Picnic is to be so generous and share her squirrel pattern on her blog! That because I tried to crochet her Eric for the second time today ………and here he is………


….the second attempt turned out much much better than the first one…….. the eyes and the little face are made with soft felt and the embroidery satisfies me quite enough…….




The little one helped me to put my dried laundry in…. LOL

I’m satisfied with the result of today’s effort but have to be honest and tell you that I’m considering again my original mobile idea……..a squirrel garland could be a valid solution, too…


….of course,I have to crochet one more squirrel because the baby boy has an elder brother so there must be two woodland creatures in the circle……the idea came to my mind because I’m a bit affraid to deform the amigurumis if hang them on a mobile…….glued into the garland,with more acorns,flowers and leaves, could look ok…….. yes,I know,it is an easier solution,but more workabel for me…………What do you think,gentle folks out there?Tell me,please,your opinion about! ❤ ❤ ❤




14 thoughts on “Finally,THE SQUIRREL

  1. Tajana, he’s adorable! Thank you so much for using my pattern to create a squirrel for your mobile. You really did a wonderful job with his face. And the tail looks fantastic! It has been really fun to follow your progress on this project. That little kiddo is going to love it!

  2. How cute I love him 🙂 the idea of a garland sounds perfect, and of course two squirrels are a must LOL I can’t wait to see the finished product

    • Oh,my dear,it is just that I do not know what to do with all the free time I have at my disposal………..and found that if I craft something acceptable it could be a good way to safe money and take care of that great passion which crochet is…. well,I have to admit that my other interests,literature for example, are a bit neglected….have to work on it…..Oh,I have read Arundhaty Roi’s The God of Small Things some years ago…. 🙂 What a strong novel…. ❤

      • May God bless you with more and more free time dear…. 🙂 Oh, you are multi-talented! I hope you find time for all your interests…

        I haven’t read any of Arundhati Roy’s novels… Should pick up a book once..

      • You’re so sweet with me,thank you! I cried a lot when I read it!Both the story and the writing style are powerful and moving!Loved her a lot!

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