Last two weeks….

Hello,my dear friends!

It is really high time to write a serious and long post. There was a lot of crafting in these last two weeks and I had so little time to write….well,to be honest,I wasn’t in the right mood to because I had some tough moments to deal with….nothing serious,just some every day life  annoyance….which,in spite of everything,haven’t stopped me from crafting….well,craft became  my personal cure for sadness so…. HURRAY!!!!

Where to start….well,let’s talk about sewing!I had a pillow sewing experience and spent a day learning to sew at Rossana’s home!One day my Big man called me and said that we were invited to a birthday party of a friend’s three years old son…. well,as usual….”You already know which present we are going to give them,don’t you,my dear….” Of course, I had no idea what to do !!! For my sake,I was having a downtown walk with Rossana in that moment and we stopped in a U.S. fabric store where I saw some nice pillows….Ross was so kind and offered me her help in making up my idea so I was able to create the following item….







I was very glad that our friends liked the present 🙂 and noticed that my BM is having more and more confidence in my crafting skills….

As you know,I’m always in search of nice items to be used in my every day life and this time I’d like to show you something really sweet….



Nice and so awfully good scented hand made soaps….mmmmmmm…..there was a street market in Berceto two weeks ago….my BM and me went for a walk in village and there was a really beautiful stall appealing to me…full of hand made soaps and run by two nice ladies whose crafting business is called MARYALISA…The nicest thing was to see the two ladies liking my bag and my shawl and me liking their soaps….well,after the exchange of compliments they gave me their leaflet,which I’m jealously keeping, and I gave them my blog address….and of course,I couldn’t leave the stall with no purchase…. 🙂 I was attracted a lot by a little wicker box because I needed a keeper for my sewing and cross stitch needles….so….





Yes…I know….I’m becoming more and more obsessed with these useless things but I can’t help myself,I like them so much indeed….. 😛

Yeah,you’ve seen right,I made some progress with my table runner….




There are three more grannies crocheted but this is a project of a slow progress…well,I’m not worried much about it mainly because I understood how to work the fabric and I think that, at the end, it will turn out quite much alike the image I have in my head…I just have to let myself  guide by the fabric and the yarn and have to take my time…. 🙂 ….

Is there any sense to write about a jeans trousers mending… well,if you have to deal with a man who always manages to rip them in the most difficult points to mend and you are unable to do it by yourself,then it has…….as usual,I have people around me who are always generous with advices….this time I have to say thanks to my Mum in law…





I know,the mend is quite ugly and very unprofessional but it seems strong which is all that matters to me at the moment…. some machine sewing, some hand sewing and a rag in the inner side…I hope my BM will still wear them for a long time… 😛

And now….the last shots of to you well known garment….I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to steal a shot to my BM trying it on yesterday evening but he was already in pants when I asked him to wear it….I have to bring the sweater to my parents in law’s next weekend because I annoyed a lot my Mum in law by asking advices and help and she deserves to see the finished sweater.I’ll try to take some photos then…here are those taken up till now…












I’ll never stop telling that it is thanks to you,fellow bloggers,that I was able to do all that….my passion for crafing grew more and more by reading your great blogs.Thank you so much for being always there and share your life!





14 thoughts on “Last two weeks….

  1. My you have been soooo busy, I do hope your annoyances have left you be by now. Firstly what little person wouldn’t love your hand crafted pillow, it’s adorable & you can be safe in the knowledge another family will be giving your treasures a loving new home. As for the wicker box how sweet….of course the ladies admired your handiwork I have examples of your hard work so can offer first hand compliments aplenty your way ❤ ❤ ❤ As for BM's sweater what a beautiful piece of work, well worth every second of crafting time. The table runner is set to add another dimension to your home, your crafting talents are exemplary in every way many congratulations on each and every item you enthral us with xx

  2. Mamma mia quante cose!!! complimenti e scusa se non sono passata prima, ma non avevo visto il tuo commento sull’asse da stiro ikea fino ad oggi :-(((

    • Thank you,Geraldine!Everything is fine now….I’m actually struggling with a new lace pattern….I have 1 stitch missing at each row and haven’t yet figured out why…. mumble mumble mumble mumble…..

  3. Love your pillow, I like using those printed panel for a quit base , as it grows nice & quick. Hope you have a better week , I always find crafting helps when you are a bit down. That & lovely peoples comments.

    • I couldn’t agree better!Well,I’m satisfied with the sweater,it was a long work and am heading to start a new one….Have some troubles with the pattern understamding but it seems that help is coming tomorrow… 🙂 thanks for your words ❤ ❤ ❤ and again,your pillow is amazing!!!

  4. Finally, I am where I had stopped last time, just I could like the post and unable to wait for the internet to load pictures that was taking a lot of time…

    Awesome works and I am very happy that your works are loved by your family and friends Tajana… The sweater is so handsome! Oh! That was a intelligent idea to make the jeans wearable again! You know, I have a great collection of ‘useless’ things 😀 Some of them have already got a chance to be useful 😀 Some are waiting for their turn… 😀

    Hmm, it is 10.30pm here in India… Time to go to bed… Good night!

    • Thank you!!!I’m glad that I can tell you that my Big man love the sweater and that had appreciated the attempt to mend the jeans! 🙂
      Sweet dreams and thanks for each of your kind words!

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