….waiting to its owner getting home tonight….


…..a more complete post is following tomorrow….

….a new project already on my needles….hope I’ll be able to knit it well….






8 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Wow it’s looking stunning, BM is one very lucky man, the colour and pattern compliment one another perfectly, LOVING the new yarn you are working with….. a little something for you perhaps 🙂

    • Thank you,my dear!More photos are following tomorrow!The new project is a tank top for Rossana,the owner of the haberdashery I was always in….she asked me to knit her something with the yarn she had kept of ages in her store…but there is something for me on my to do list…I’ll show you soon what I have on my mind…. all my love,Roma,and try to smile,think your friend would like to see you happy!!!I’m sure of that!

      • I think my friend would demand it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gelfling Grandson & I have had a delightful afternoon going on a nature trail, spending time with a little chatterbox can only lift your spirits 🙂

    • Thanks,Geraldine!Well,the sweater was knitted on circular needles,too 🙂 I wanted desperately to learn to use them so I had stubbornly excercised myself until I was able to knit with ease!I just love them,unconditionally!!!

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