Almost there…

Hello, dear friends!

Sorry to be silent for a while but these last few days were a bit tough and I wasn’t in the mood to write even if I have never stopped  to craft…in the next days I’ll write a post about the last works while today I’d like to show you something already well known to you but….NOW THERE ARE TWO SLEEVES KNITTED ….. lol … so happy I finished the second sleeve that I decided to  baste it all by myself (the first basting was made by my Mum in law….)…. 🙂




Now I’m waiting my BM gets home and am going to oblige him to try it so I can proceed with the sewing and the shaping of the neck hole…. What a journey,my God….

The second project I’d like to show you,as promised, is the use of the napkin I made some time ago…. voilà….



These are not the most beautiful cookies you’ve ever seen but it doesn’t matter,they taste ok…the above basket is going to my sis in law’s home since we are invited to lunch tomorrow….well,I don’t think it will be appreciate much (typical antagonism between sisters in law…) but now you have an idea how you’ll be hosted if you’ll ever come and visit me 🙂





8 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. wow BM will look like the cat that got the cream when his sweater is ready for the cat walk 🙂 your napkin looks just like I imagined it might, it’s soooo you, excuse me while I drool over the cookies, who cares what they look like I can almost smell them from here…..yummy LOL

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