….downwards….on the kitchen table….


…..and upwards….through the kitchen window….


….just too hot to work with wool….well,it is just too hot to think at all….



16 thoughts on “Views….

    • I was thinking about crafting a table runner….I’m a bit affraid of the crochet fabric combination….my grannies are never straight as I want them to be so I’ll proceed by small steps….I found a nice pattern on an old crochet magazine and want to make it modern by using a yarn of a fresh colour shade and a dotty fabric….

      • Oooooh sounds lovely, A few years ago I managed to find a hand embroidered table runner, which makes an appearance on high days and holidays, looking forward to your latest crafting goodness 🙂

      • Oh,how I wish my BM and me had a home…..I’d like so much to decorate it by crafted or found vintage goodies….I think that my runner will become a heirloom for a so much dreamt future home….

  1. I know how you feel, it’s been so hot here today too. At least I’ve broke up for school summer holidays today, so no work. Looks like we are about to cool down with another storm.

    • Oh,I saw the weather forecast and it really seems that the next week will be quite rainy….well,perfect weather condition to finish the sweater…. fingers crossed…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Exactly 🙂 🙂 🙂 I have noticed that many people,when I talk about crochet and knit and sew and cratf in general,look at me with a kind of compassionate gaze,a fact that irritates me very much.Well,don’t be surprised,it’s normal here in Italy….I have found a nice pattern of a table runner in an old magazine and wanted to make it modern by using a yarn of a nice and fresh colour shade and a dotty fabric….as to say: look what I’m able to do while your houses are crowded by IKEA’s stuff!!!!! …….will see the result in some weeks….

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