Café au lait

…….this is what I had in my mind yesterday ….the only thing I’m sorry is that not always my sewing attempts turned out well…. :/ I wanted to create a soft small cross stitch canvas using the quilting technique…. and thought that it would be easy and that a thread of a contrasting colour would be a nice ornament…. well,I was wrong,as usual…I made a big mess,but will let the small panel this way for now and undo it when I’ll feel in the right mood for sewing…. I bow to all of you,great tailors and sewers out there,you’re my heros and person of great inspiration….maybe in a few years I’ll be at your level….for now I’m just loosing myself in attempts of all kinds….




PS: …. no,I do not like the overall look of the panel…. actually it does irritate me an awfully lot…. have absolutely to find a better solution for it… !!!!


7 thoughts on “Café au lait

  1. This is nice too Tajana 🙂 Both are nice 🙂

    It happens with me too, I think of doing something and on the go I plan something else ending up with a totally different thing 🙂 😀 Can we say we are much creative 😀 That’s how we can keep our spirit up, what say?

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