Café au lait _ acte second

Now we can talk about  café au lait…. I have undone my work and quilted it for the second time!And,well,the small panel looks much better now!What do you think?You were all so sweet with your comments that you touched me deeply with your kindness! ❤ ❤   I  hope that you’ll like my new work more!I have so much to learn but some littlle satisfactions are fortunately there sometimes….






12 thoughts on “Café au lait _ acte second

    • 🙂 Thanks! I absolutely have to learn better to finish off my sewing projects! One thing I’m proud of this remake is the creating of the bias tape by myself…. the sewing logic started to work indeed… next time a potholder by following a tutorial found online…

      • 🙂 you have more patience than me … once finished and not quite right in my eyes … will get banished to a large dark box never to see light again … so well done for perfecting your work …. and looking forward to your next project 🙂

      • ❤ ❤ ❤ Well,if I spend a day on a project it must be finished!I'm very despotic with myself,not always a good quality because it is due to my excessive pride…. just hope to be able to turn that characteristic of mine to craft advantage….

  1. Wow you really put so much time into revisiting your creation, it’s delightful to say the least, well done on not giving in but seeing it through until you have the reached the desired effect you are looking for

    • Thanks,Roma!You can call it habit or fondness or in whatever way you like,but I’m always so happy when you write a comment on my posts…. thanks for being always there ❤

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