Happy Sunday to all of you,my friends!

Today I’d like to write about something that I usually dislike a lot….i.e. spending time at home doing housework…. A small foreword first,my BM and me usualy spend Sundays at my parents in law’s but today we stay at home and I’m very happy about….it is not that I don’t like spending time at my parents in law’s but sometimes I need some moments just for myself….I left home early,when I was 20 or something like that, and I’m so used to be by myself so the new  family rule of seeing them almost every Sunday,while my mother hardly calls me (well,we have never been much in touch since I left home), is quite hard to be followed by… I often feel obliged to go and see them so when we decided to be by ourselves is like a small victory for me…. on the other hand,as an ex woman with a career,being a housewife have never been one of my goals….This maybe because I have a mum who had never managed to emancipate herself from her housekeeper role and she passed me her unease…. I have always told myself that I would never be like her….then I found myself in a similar situation but…. there are big differences between us…. first of all I love my Beloved and respect him (mum had always criticized dad … )!We have a beautiful relationship and,even if I miss home so much,I do not regret at all to have left it to follow my Beloved at his…. I have a great sense for adaptation and love spending my time in places different from those which I’m used to… it is a great way to learn new things,have new experiences and reconsider what one already knows…. like housekeeping and cooking…well,I have to thank a lot all the great bloggers from whom I learnt to enjoy every single moment of homespun life… in my opinion,both my mum and my mum in law live wrongly their houseworking time….I have never seen at their homes something pretty, nice, sweet,made just for themselves things…I think that beauty must be always around us and that’s why I always try to have something pretty around me… Like a gift a kind dear lady made me some time ago…


A beautiful cook book cover which I love so much….is there a proper way to thank you as you deserve,dear Mrs P ? Having such a nice item at mine inspired me to stay in the kitchen and to love the time spending in it…baking a cake, for example…


…to which, it seems, I have transmitted all my positive thoughts because it turned out better than I could possibly think…


….thanks to the today’s good mood I found myself willing to chop some fruit….


….and made some fruit salad for our lunch (perfect because here we have some very hot weather)…


I hope I have not annoyed you with my reflections but it is a way to introduce myself a bit more to you…

Well,it is lunch time and I have to go and join my Big man for table setting!

Bon appetit, kind and gentle people out there!






2 thoughts on “Kitchening…

    • Well,true,even if this post is more a small surge rather than a simple reflection but it’s ok like that….sometimes showing up something that bother us can be helpful….

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