A lack of creativity

Hello hello,my dear friends out there!

How are you?What are you crafting or creating lately?I have started the front side of my Big man’s sweater and I’d like to put a great deal of effort in this work but sometimes I need to have in my hands something more colorful….and make some small goodie,crocheted or knitted, it doesn’t matter,just something that gives me an immediate satisfaction….but….I have no inspiration!!!!Oh God,how could that happen…….? He he…..that’s why I made some small shopping to be inspired by……..


I just love magazines! ❤ How many colours,how many great projects,how many desires and how little time and little skill at my disposial………..in particular when unexpected things happens which keep me away from craft……..

….then,fortunately, there are friends that surprise you with precious gifts…… (Grazie Rossana)……….


…..and a wish to be a small part of a big project as well as the secret hope to be there sooner or later…….



With all my love




5 thoughts on “A lack of creativity

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