Talking about great crafters….

Hello,my dear friends!

I’m so happy today because I had some great news from Roma and her Cottage On The Green!The package with the gift I sent to her twenty days ago is finally arrived!!!!Now I feel so relieved because I was affraid something went wrong with my package but fortunately it wasn’t so…At last,I can say that we had a nice gift exchange!I wrote a post about her package some days ago, you can find it here and have a look on the beautiful items she sent to me. ❤ ❤ ❤ Happy dance! Can’t wait to see her reactions tomorrow when she will see what my package contains…. ❤ ❤ ❤

Now I’d like to say few words about another crafter I like very much and who you can find on this Facebook page, Uncinetto e Mille Fili Colorati!A great crafter and a delightful woman!She crocheted a very nice owl a while ago and her work was published in a crochet magazine I bought two days ago…..




What do you think?Isn’t this lady owl lovely…? ❤ ❤ ❤ If you have a look on her FB page you’ll find more and more stuff crocheted by Mille Fili e by others and,I’m sure,you’ll fall in love with her nice style and her way of telling her passion!Well,I’m in love for a long while already…. 🙂

I suppose that all of you who lives in England have already heard adout Yarndale.And you know that Lucy from Attic24 is one of the organisation members.You can find here in which way she contributes to this great festival and all the informations about the mandala project.I’m so awfully sorry that I can’t be there but I made two mandalas to send her and conrtibute to this event, even if in such an infinitesimal part….





Well,I crocheted them after a crochet accident….


I wanted to crochet  this doily using a thicker yarn but my work turned out in a disaster….so I undone it…


….and understood that as a sign to do the mandalas….the mandala patterns are from Zooty Owl’s Crafty Blog,suggeted by Lucy, and I can say that she suggested very well!!The blog is great! Just look the below photo…. 😀


Maybe my mandalas are a bit pale but when I saw how the colours I have chosen fits well together I decided to leave them as they are.The colour shades remind me on creJJtion, a blog I like so much, and I’m happy about the way my work turned out… ❤ Tomorrow morning I will glue my mandalas and,once dried,they will be off to England. ❤

So…I think that now,after some crochet being done,it’s time to go back knitting….


….and start the front side of my Big man sweater… ❤ ❤ ❤

…….I’m off to knit….

A great day to every one out there!!!!







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