The tablecloth

Good evening,my dear friends!

I haven’t meant to write a post today mostly because I had thought I would finish my tableclotg edging on monday….but,for God sake,I managed to finish it of today and put it already in use…. 😀 Wow, triple happy somersault!Well,it turned out exactly in the way I had  imagined so here are the photos of our domestic life….



Our dinner tonight was a home made pizza…


….and now we are going to have the dessert….


….I had a small icing sugar accident….


Maybe it could be a caloric meal but it is Saturday night….you can forgive us our gluttony….

Wish you all a great Sunday!






5 thoughts on “The tablecloth

    • Thank you so much!I’m happy because it is the first time I do something like that…. 😀 Do you know that feeling when you craft something starting by choosing fabric,totally unfamiliar to me,then the yarn,well known thank Godness, and combine them both….oh well,the seams are made by a drunk person….

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