Honey,would you be so kind to……

Hello,my dear friends!

Sorry to be away for a while but I’m dealing with some long projects which require patience and time….two in particular….one of which was asked me by my Big man…. ho ho ho ho …. in this completely girly world of yarn,thread and fabric a man’s request to satisfy…. nice…. :)……so one evening he came home from work and said…..

BM:A couple of friends of mine just had a baby boy….

Me (very absent-mindedly):Oh,how sweet…..

BM(questioning look):Yeah….

Me:You should make a gift….

BM:Isn’t it up to you to take care about this stuff…..?

Me(a bit puzzled):So….you want me to craft something…….

BM:Well,I think yes…..YES,I DO!

So after this very clear conversation I sat down at my computer and consulted Raverly for some quick solutions…..I found an owl hat,a second owl hat,a cable hat + baby sack…..

BM(very meticulously):I don’t like this…..that seems so poor…..this is too strange and original…..

Me:So …. (sigh)….my dear,what would I knit for your friends then….

BM(with a suddenly appeared light bulb above his head):A BLANKET LIKE THAT ONE YOU KNITTED FOR YOUR NEPHEW COULD BE OK….

Me: (me at the very moment of….see picture below….)


A few words to say that I stole this writing style from Roma from Cottage On The Green who has such an original way of telling her life.The dialogue form was so perfect to express the uncertanity caused by my Big man’s idea…..

Well,it was very difficult to say no to my Man so I managed to calm myself down,put the panic away and I started the blanket….with some help,of course….

…..of my tea pot….


….can you see the blue petals……aren’t they sweet….?


….I can assure you that the scent is even better…..

….and here we are….


For my sake,I haven’t use all the wool for my nephew’s blanket and there’s enough left to knit another one.I found a nice pattern on Raverly and I switched on the turbo mode….



I took the above photo this morning at 5 o’clock…I woke up early and couldn’t fall asleep again so I decided to knit…. 😛




He he fortunately I’m in good company …. ❤


I do hope that I’ll be able to knit this blanket quickly…. fingers crossed…

The second long project is already well known to you all…my Big man’s sweater….well….the back side is finished…. 😀 YIPPEE!!!!!




Wow…I like the way it turned out!The pattern is really beautiful!I love so much Rowan’s patterns!!!!The colour is my Big man’s choice…. ❤ ❤ ❤ He can really be proud of his sense of beauty…. Can’t wait to finish the blanket so I could start the front side!!!

So…… 😀 😀 😀

I wish you a great day!!!






7 thoughts on “Honey,would you be so kind to……

  1. wow…when you go into work mode, you really go into work mode!!! Good for you, and so sweet of bunny to keep you company 🙂
    Good job on the sweater so far, too. I will be attempting my first adult size sweater this year. I’m kind of nervous :0

    • I was and still am helped with the sweater,otherwise I couldn’t be able to knit it…..now I know how to do the back side,the front side must be the same except for the neck hole….but I don’t know how to do it….well,in these cases I go to my favourite yarn shop and ask the owner to help me with my work…. 😀

  2. He he, your BM sure likes to spring a surprise on you, the blanket is looking really gorgeous, and is growing really quickly, I really laughed at your description of the conversation, I LOVE BM’s sweater the knitting is so beautifully done xx

    • Well,my dear,it really was like depicted,the conversation….with the final reaction exactly the same as Sheldon’s….i decided not to knit a jacquard as I did for my brother’s blanket so I do hope I’ll knit faster this time….oh,and,yes,with no fake modesty….i love the sweater too…. ❤

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