The Tee is finished

Hello,my dear friends!

I have to say that I have a lot of WIPs in these days and there’s a big need for some order at my home.For my sake,we got home quite early from my parents in law’s yesterday afternoon and I was able to finish off my Tee…. 😀 Well,it was hanged untouched on the clothes hanger outside the wardrobe for a while and I got sick of watching it there….moreover,my Big man contributed a lot to my decision with his gentle movements….every time he passed by the Tee he made it drop without even notice it so…yes,it was really necessary to put an end to the Tee’s torture….

…. so…here we are…


My sewing is not precise and I need more practice….as you can see,I made a mess with the sleeves….


…but despite that I’m satisfied with the overall result…. 😀 This Tee can be worn despite its imperfections….




I’m sorry I don’t have a big mirror at home and I can only show you some details of my wearing the Tee…



Now I feel free to buy fabric without the fear to ruin it….in fact I don’t like a lot the fabric used for my Tee and want to find something more fresh to sew myself more more more more more and more garments…but the above one is going with me to Croatia this Easter because I want to show it to my mum and tell her that her fabrics were useful. I’m curious what she ‘s going to tell me about my attempt (she’s a self made tailor 🙂 ) and hope she’ll say that I’m able to learn to sew better….surely she will have a lot of tips to tell me about sewing which will be useful for me….

…..up till now I can only compare my attempts and analyse the progress made….in fact I started to put together fabric pieces a year ago and made this shameful cushion cover…..


….then I sewed a top….and sew breast darts on the back, too…


….and,finally,the above Tee….


So……………………………………………. what do you think? Do you see the progress I made…..? I know that the photos are not the best ones but despite that I’d like to know your opinion about the work done ❤ ❤ ❤

Time to go back to crochet,there’s a doily to be made….

I wish you a great day!!!!





6 thoughts on “The Tee is finished

  1. You’ve made amazing progress over time. And you will continue to improve, because you keep sewing. You are becoming better as you go and growing in confidence all the time. 🙂

  2. I love the scarf & tee combination, you should be very proud of your sewing, if you look at garments in the shop no doubt you will always find a fault, so your mum will be impressed for sure. I know I am 🙂

    • Thanks,dear Roma!I hope I’ll be able to steal some tips to my mum,she’s not a great teacher but now I think I can guide her in directing me…clothes cost too much here in Parma and I can save much money if I make garments by myself,in particulary summer clothes….there is a great fabric store in my home town and I can already foresee some great shopping in Croatia this Easter…. 😀

    • he he you’re right,I wear it proudly but there’s still more to learn.Well,I can tell that now I feel to go and buy fabric and study new more complex and modern patterns to sew….

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