The beginning of a saga….

….I’m waiting for my Big man getting home from a job trip and in the meantime I’d casted on the stitches for my cotton sweater….this is a project of less importance than my BM sweater but it will be useful….in fact I’d like to knit it in the free time by just following the directions downloaded and without anyone’s help….sooner or later I’ll have to stand on my own feet,don’t you think….the problem is that I purchased some quite thin yarn and have to work with needles of 3.0 mm and 3.5 mm gauge…. a never ending story (the saga from the title…)…well,the original pattern suggests a needle of 3.75 mm gauge (if I understood well…. 😛 ) so I’m not so far from it…I actually could manage to do a nice work… please,be patient, the result is foreseen for a real far future…the pattern,as the one for my BM sweater,can be found on the Rowan official site




I have great expectations….but have to be still…..and work carefully….

Wish you all a good night…. ❤ ❤ ❤





4 thoughts on “The beginning of a saga….

  1. How strange we have changed places today, you have been knitting while I’ve been crocheting, must go to show what talented ladies we are lol

    • I got totally mad with knitting!I love it and i do hope I’ll be able to craft nice garments….the thought of my BM and me wearing something crafted by me makes me happy…

  2. Just one thought here. While there is nothing wrong with attempting to do things on your own, there is nothing wrong with asking for help either. That’s how we learn. It’s great to follow a pattern, but when in doubt, it’s still better (in my opinion) to ask someone who can give a little guidance than to just push ahead when one is unsure. You do such careful work, I see no problem with asking for a little help here and there. 🙂

    • 😀 …you got me…I think that it is so obvious and easy to understand, by reading my posts, that I’m a very proud and self-critical person….but you’re right,asking for help is more useful than making a mistake because an excess of pride….I’ll follow your advice….more than advice,in my case,a life lesson ❤ ❤ ❤

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