Doily love

Hello,my friends!

After the street market and,before that,the item crafting for it (mice,owls,hearts,cozies….) I had that need to crochet a classical doily…one of those very alike my mum was used to crochet and on which I had usually turned up my nose when I was younger… and look at me now…. 😛 It seems I grew up in a better person…





How many of you have a flat with IKEA anonymous furniture in…. (I hate IKEA furniture…..)…..?Would you agree that they look passable with some handmade items on it….?


Even dr.House has a more tender look with my doilies underneath him….






13 thoughts on “Doily love

  1. Sorry I had to look twice to see your doilies as the Great Hugh Laurie distracted me for a moment LOL isn’t it strange what we once would have sniggered at becomes more desirable as we mature, your doilies are the utmost beautiful creations, I love the colours I’ll get back to my simple Granny Squares & dream of your doilies, one day I’ll create such divine goodies as you do, till then I’ll master each craft one day at a time ;-D

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