Hello,my dear friends…

I wish you are in the middle of doing something nice and self satisfactory… 😀 ❤

….I was looking at the photos that I’ve taken recently and have realized that,although I’m arguing a lot with God lately,I have my personal way for praying…







…the last three photos are of particular importance to me… ❤ … Do you agree with me…? While handling hooks or needles,a lot of time spent in silence…thinking,musing,hoping,enjoying,loving life in each of its aspect… ❤ ❤ ❤





8 thoughts on “Prayers…

  1. Your photos are beautiful, and as you say we all have our way of being at peace…. with God & ourselves, you have worked out the size & gauge for BM sweater then ❤

    • ❤ ❤ ❤ As you could imagine,I needed and will need help with the adjustment….I asked Catia,the owner of the yarn store I'm always in,to help me and we decided to cast on 136 stitches and work with the 3.5 and 4.5 gauge needles.Well,for now I've started with the back side and have to reach the sleeves openning…then I'll need more help with the decreases…

      • You’ll be fine with Catia’s guidance, just take your time, have you ever crocheted a garment I have a dear friend who makes the most wonderful wearable goodies …deep sigh… one day:-D

      • Not yet,but I was asked to crochet a bikini….the following one exactly….
        …. yesterday evening and this morning I got mad to figure out how to make it…with no result… waaaaahhh….so I called both Catia and my mother in law for help…. 😛 …. hope to be successful at the beginning of the next week….. I was looking for a pattern online but haven’t found anything suitable…. 😛

      • I looked at the site with the bikini on…..beautiful bikini…. however the poor model look’s like she could do with a proper meal lol you’ll figure it out I have no doubts 🙂

      • i was thinking the same about the model….poor girl….I’m overweight but she,poor creature,needs a good man to tell he rto eat…. 😦

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