Hello,my dear friends!

Here are some photos of the today’s street market…my stall is quite alike the one of February 15th but,despite that, I took some shots…








I sold some doilies,two owls,a mouse,a cup cake and a garland…well,the earnings were insignificant,I cover the cost of the place and can allow me to buy some yarn for a new project….but have decided to stop with markets for now…it isn’t worth so much work…I rather focus my energies on my Big man and my needs…in fact I crocheted some more grannies for my blanket project…


…and I’ll try to sew a tee next week…I know,I know,some nice fabric will be ruined….but a sacrifice is needed…

….I made myself a small gift today…. (stalls are dangerous…)….a small nice bracelet….




…and with this nice aquamarine shade I wish you good night…. ❤





8 thoughts on “Today….

  1. Gah! I tried to leave a comment and it didn’t work! My stupid computer is being sulky…
    In short, I was saying I’m sorry you’re not doing any more stalls. I think this one looks more colourful and ‘full’ than the last, and it sounds as though you sold a bit more? And your bracelet is beautiful.

    • thank you soooooooooooooooo much for your nice words!Believe,it is really not worth to do any stall for now…although the situation was better than the previous time it still does not satisfy me… better if I learn to knitt sweater and similar stuff for my Big man and me…

  2. I’m with Twisted Yarn, sorry you have decided not to do any more stalls, yours looked lovely, perhaps summer time would be busier? beautiful bracelet, a crocheted one would look gorgeous 🙂

    • Seeing the actual situation it is better to stop…there’s a three day festival in summer with a very young crowd in my BM’s village….maybe I’ll attend with my stall….even a friend of mine,who introduced me there,decided to stop for now…

  3. I’ve been in a similar situation , people are happy to look, but will not pay the price, even for the yarn you brought. What really annoys me is when people charge peanuts because someone gave them the yarn. Have you thought about an online shop?? Not tried it myself but it has been an idea for when I want to escape teaching. Have heart your work is beautiful , it’s just them.
    Lucy & Luna
    Ps. Luna sends your a hug and a waggy tail.

    • Oh,you nice and darling creatures!!!!I’d like so much to pet and play with Luna and have a cup of tea and a nice chat with you,dear Lucy! ❤ ❤ ❤ The situation you described is exactly the one I was in yesterday…so I decided to think about my stuff…If my BM have to work I'll try to learn as many thing as possible and try to save money by crafting at home.I realized that Internet is a great source for tutorials and want to do the most of it…tomorrow I'll start with a new sewing project and want to complete it…ah,wish luck to the nice fabric my mum gave me for Christmas…

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