Make over…

Hello,my dear friends!

Today I’m happy because I managed to do my first make over of a Tee ever….a small one but it doesn’t matter….and felt surprised for how easy it was… I wonder why I was always so scared by fabric,yarn,thread,hooks and needles…I have to convince myself that I can do anything I want…I just have to be patient and persevere in learning new skills….sewing is my big lack…

So….the make over….I was able to mend a big ugly hole….


…and I covered the patching by two crocheted hearts…




The yarn shade slightly differs from that of the Tee but it is not a big deal…the overall result is ok and the Tee could be worn next summer…

Of course,this was not the only finished work of today…I knitted another jar cozy…



…and I made some flowers for the stall….



…he he,Roma,here it is, my small pom pom project…. 🙂

Finally,I’d like to show you how I wear my nice fingerless gloves… (for which,today, I already received some compliments…. 😀 ❤ )…



On a grey predominant outfit my colourful gloves stand out in a marvelous way… love them! I can allow myself to smile wildly…. 😀





10 thoughts on “Make over…

  1. I do love your jar cosy’s are these going on your stall on Saturday ? You have been so productive, the hearts are lovely they would brighten up any outfit, they would look great on a pair of jeans don’t you think ? the pom poms look soooo cute ❤ When I've finished the knitting I have on the go at the minuet I'm defiantly going to look for a pattern for fingerless gloves lol

    • First,the link for the pattern… …it is really easy and pleasant to crochet…you’ll love it…the jar cozies are for the stall but i made them following the dimensions of my jars so if no one buys them I’ll be happy to have my kitchen colourful… 😀 I’m so glad you like the pom poms…this with the orange branches is a quick project and has to be wildly improved …and at the end,the Tee is not mine but I must purchase something similar because I like the style…and agree that on jeans hearts and tee fit so awfully well!!!

  2. Tajana, I love those hearts. There’s so much waste in this world and you’ve made something that most people would discard into something very pretty. I also love those jar covers – very sweet. I want to make some straight away.
    It’s so lovely that you keep making, creating and moving on with your life – very inspiring!!

    • ❤ ❤ ❤ Thanks,Denise! The jars cozies are a piece of cake to make…there somewhere in my blog must be the link for the pattern…I was very happy when I made the first one because I saw myself understanding a knitting pattern… 😀 love more and more to knit…. 😀 😀 😀 it is so nice to be able to dress up me and my house by myself…

    • I really love colours…but my home looks more alike a workshop … 😛 yarn balls,baskets, threads,hooks,needles,buttons everywhere…sometimes I tide up and then my apartment looks like a home otherwise….

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