Happy International Women’s Day

Even Google loves us today… 😀

…well, we deserve to be loved every day…yeah,I have to admit that I’m a fervent feminist…maybe because I grew up in a strongly patriarchal community…and had a grandmother who said to her son,my father,that a girl’s duty is to get married,breed offspring and take care of the household…luckily for me,my dad sent her to hell and here I am…yes,I know,now I’m taking care of my small nest but,before that, I worked for a long time as an ald furniture restorer,then as a translator and finally as a construction manager assistant…..and,most important of all,I lived for twelve years by myself,I met a thousand of great people who were so important for my personal growth and to whom I can’t thank enough for being there at the right moment… I got my Bachelor’s degree and I have a wonderful life partner! I was and still am awfully lucky!

Unfortunatelly there are still beaten and abused women,treated like beings of inferior order,women who fight every day for their life and the life of their children,baby girls killed when born only because they are females…to all of them,to their courage,their strenght and their immense beauty I dedicate this mimosa…


May your life be exactly as you want it to be!


8 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day

  1. Wow, you’ve done the most amazing jobs (and I hope you’ll find your next wonderful challenge soon… though I realize it’s such a difficult time for job-hunting…)
    Happy International Women’s Day. I’ve been enjoying my (female) friends’ IWD posts on Facebook. May we continue to be strong and clever and individual and wonderful!

    • Hello Shakti!
      I’m glad to meet you and happy you have passed by! In my opinion,awareness is not enough,the situation must change in a tangible way as soon as possible!
      Thank you so much for your nice words!

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