Something new…and improvement needed

Hello hello!

Just a quick post to show you what I’m working on in these days…I found a nice knitting owl cozy pattern and had to experiment it and see which is the right yarn to be used…well…here is my first attempt…



…and the further developement of it…





It is obvious that the final result does not satisfy me much and I have to work on it more but… up till now I’m happy because I managed to understand a knitting pattern on English…he he I found a nice dictionary online with sewing,knitting and crochet terms both in English and Italian language which was,is and will be essential to realize any future project…

So far for now…

Wish you all a nice and peaceful evening!





9 thoughts on “Something new…and improvement needed

    • Improvement needed,improvement needed,improvement needed….here is Sheldon Cooper speaking…improvement needed….but…happy I made you smile!!!The pattern is a piece of cake but so fanciful!

  1. I found a blog that has the exact method of making a pom pom that I use, type pom pom in the reader page and it’s Mrs D’s blog xx

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