Circular needles

Hello, dear friends!

Before starting to prepare the stuff for the next street market,I had a whim to be satisfied…a secret wish to learn to knit on circular needels…well,this afternoon I sweat a lot… literally…and have now my fingers hurt… πŸ˜›


LOL I have a lot of practice to do… I was musing that, since I’m obliged to stay at home, the best way to spent this time is to learn as many thing as possible by myself….with no professional courses for which I obviously don’t want to spent money and which usually cost too much and offer little…

Furthermore, I gave a go to the preparation forΒ the market …Well,the crocheted goodies published in the previous posts are all for it but were the first samples…I had to see how both the yarn and the pattern would work…now the next steps are decided…so…


I’ll crochet hearts and owls thought as keychains…For now it seems that only they could work… let us see if it will be so…

Wish you all a nice evening! ❀






12 thoughts on “Circular needles

  1. The little hearts are lovely. As I learnt to crochet way before I got the hang of knitting, I now only knit using circular needles as they are shorter. Good luck with circular needles

  2. The hearts & owls will make fabulous key rings, ages ago didn’t I spot a mouse on one of your posts ? another key ring opportunity perhaps ? I know what you mean about trying to take the time to learn as many techniques as possible, I can’t find any courses to attend for what I would like to learn so just like yourself am doing the self learning process. You made the decision to attend the next street market I’m pleased to hear, sounds like you made the right choice πŸ™‚

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