Baby blanket progress

Hello,dear friends!

So…having dinner almost ready (the spinach pie is in the oven,the mixed sallad needs only its dressing, the sausage will be cooked at the moment 🙂 by the BM) … and I have a few minutes to post the photos with what I have knitted so far….



Roma,what do you think? The yarn is soft and very pleasing to the touch and knitted in that way, with cables,the blanket is even softer… It measures around 54 cm long for 80 cm large, some thing like 21,25 x 31,40 inches ….. not bad up til now… 😀 😀 😀 Well,I made my mistakes when adding the yarn of  a different shade but managed to solve the problem… 😀

The kind woman called Rossana,my big helper and advisor during the street market, gave me this nice threads today…


….so perfect for embroidery and by which I’ve already made my disasters…the result of my today’s embroidery was so poor and bad that I’ve chosen to not post the photos….so,for now ,I store these goodies…maybe one day I’ll be able to do something with them…

I wish you all a peaceful evening!





3 thoughts on “Baby blanket progress

  1. Your blanket is really taking shape, all that soft, cuddliness, baby will be in 7th heaven when snuggled up in that little beauty 😀 The range of colours of the embroidery thread are a delight, don’t store them for too long I can’t wait to see what you will do with them

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