The cup cake

Hello,dear friends!

I was musing about how to start writing the present post,by a crochet topic or something else,and decided to begin with few words related to an article published on today’s newspapers…an entire page dedicated to knit and crochet….



It was interesting to read, in particular because it is the first time I read about the relationship knit/crochet <=> world male population on an Italian media ….remember, Vatican is in Rome…. on the other hand,the article annoyed me a bit…since I began to crochet I had found inspiration mostly on English and American blogs and had the feeling that knitting and crochet are an evergreen tradition,in particulary in England….I was so excited by my learning and improving that great skill but,unfortunately, when I talked about the hook, people gave me that look saying….oh,poor girl,she has nothing better to do with her life….it is like talking to my granny…. (I swear,that happened at the beginning….) ….. and now …. I have to read that Russel Crowe is an expert crocheter…. ?! This is Italy with its legendary enormous gap between IN and OUT trends and prejudices ….

Let’s change the topic now and talk about something more pleasant…well….while Italy is sinking deeper and deeper in its economic crisis and Ukraine is living the most tragic events of its modern history what do I do in Parma….? I crochet cup cakes,of course….(please,read these words in a tragically ironic key…the world desperately needs beauty and kindness… )….well,just one for now….I was given the pattern by Uncinetto e Mille Fili Colorati and it could be found here.


It is so cute and tiny… I can hold it in my hand….


Is it normal to be so foolishly happy for something so small and inanimate ….? …… So….no more excuses for wasting time, I’m a well equipped crafter now…



I crocheted the cup cake early this morning….but have to go out for some errands and came home with a small treasure….


Well,if you pay nine small buttons (they really are small,I’m good in close ups…) 5 euros, the least you can do is take a photo of them and publish it…. yeah,I love them,I really do,they will be perfect for future cup cakes….but …..5 euros….!!!! 😛

And,at the end, a brooch purchased by a friend of mine…. (ciao Sté 😀 ) ….







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