A candy candy …

It is twenty past midnight but I can’t wait till morning to show you what I’ve finished to crochet just now… I wanted it, I was obsessed with and wouldn’t go to bed until have it done….


What a candy grew up from my hands…The shape is not perfectly circular because I sewed the padding by hand (it was to late for the machine….) but it doesn’t matter… my second pincushion turned out nicely…I’m selfishly and shamelessly proud with myself…well,now I barely keep my eyes opened…


So…from now on working and crafting would never be more pleasant….


The pattern of the second cushion is from Made in K-town and I let me be inspired by the colours found on a nice and very young blog, Colour ‘n Cream,both worth to be seen!

Sweet dreams to all af you!





5 thoughts on “A candy candy …

    • Thank you!In fact,I crocheted the pin cushions with this very purpose!I love working surrounded by lovely stuff!Everybody should do the same….in my opinion,pleasure is from this world not from afterworld….as I was wrongly taught when I was a little girl…. 😛 nice thought…being a rebel through beauty… 😀

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