Rainy (oh…don’t tell me,really….) day in Parma

Hello, dear friends!

As the title of the present post might actually suggest,we have rain and clouds here in Northen Italy today…yeah…again…. the only way to face a day like that is spending time in good company…


On the above photo,the owl seems big but actually I can easily keep him into my hand… him or her…haven’t decided yet but I have to find a way to distinguish genders of these creatures….like I have already done some time ago

I crocheted a sample granny for the next blanket…


The pattern of this nice granny was given to me by a nice lady whose FB page I follow with great pleasure and suggest you warmly to pass by and have a look at her work.You’ll love it!

Ciao,Uncinetto e Mille Fili Colorati…. ❤

This wool yarn was given to me by my mum but unfortunately is not of good quality….there is a large amount of it so I decided,despite I don’t like it a lot, to crochet a blanket and after crocheting the first granny I realized that this will be its best use…

….. just because I have an awful need for colour today I’ll post the same granny photo again…oh…but there’s a pink hook peeking out… 😀 I love colourful pins and use them to make me feel good…


I made some progress with my baby blanket knitting 😀 …… 😀 …. 27 cm already…I have 138 stitches on needles of 6 mm gauge ….



The burgundy red is a bit dark… don’t like it a lot… it needs an outline… the other colours I have at my disposal are pink and bright blue…


I’m going to do stripes of different colour with the same design (I need to improve my cable knitting) and I must separate the edge from the inside of the blanket to highlight well each colour but also because the yarn shade change point turned out very badly… you can see that I’m a beginner by these kind of mistakes ….

This is the right side…


See what I’m talking about….I was thinking about crocheting a row of chain stitches all around with the bright blue…well,the blanket is for my brother and I still don’t know the gender of his not yet born child but I have to use the colours in a right way…if the baby will be a girl there are pink stripes in order to balance the situation…

Let’s have the last look on my actual work…


…and with the softness expressed by this last photo I wish you all a warm evening….





25 thoughts on “Rainy (oh…don’t tell me,really….) day in Parma

  1. I think possibly the owl looks like a girl and is sooo super cute 🙂 your blanket is coming along beautifully baby is going to be treated to a very special hand crafted blanket which will be treasured for sure ❤

    • 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I was obliged to make it and now I don’t regret!It turned out really cute and will show it on the next market.
      I hope both the parents and the baby love the blanket….But if I do something for the little I have to do something for the big brother…My nephew is 4 years old and must have his gift too! I take very seriously my role as an aunt…

      • I really have no idea… last time I made him a cup cozy and a mouse but he wasn’t interested with it much…he loves excavators and similars… have I to crochet a tiny escavator……………….? ……………

      • Ok,I made some researches on web and for now this is the only photo that can eventually help me to crochet an excavator….It’s a challenge now…I’m not a pattern creator and absolutely need directions for crochet but I’ll try to help me with the pic and make an appliqué for a T-shirt…

      • Looking forward to the great unveiling of you new creation now the challenge has been set LOL I understand what you mean about liking to follow a pattern, the only patterns I have created so far are for a couple of my rabbit eared hats which isn’t really that outstanding 😀 but I needed to start somewhere, I really would like to create my own knitted rabbit pattern one day, still I’ll take one step at a time and who knows 🙂

      • Well,I’ve decided to be clever and avoid to oblige myself to create something…it is still to early and,as a nice lady, whose FB page I follow with great pleasure, said,there’s Interntet with a plenty of patterns!

      • ….sometimes I wish I knew English better….in particular the phrasal verbs….I have the blog page opened on one side and the dictionary one on the other……..The only pattern I found is the one from the link you found on my FB page….I think ?m going to use it….

    • Thank you so much,Mark! I learnt to knit them few days ago and have to say that if I want to knit something new I need someone to explain it to me aloud…without the owner of my favourite yarn store here who so kindly explains me anithing I ask I wouldn’t be able to knit..

      • Hope your rainy weather passes quickly. We’ve now had 3 quite dry days, it’s been lovely. So much of England had suffered with floods but luckily living in peak district (Derbyshire) we’ve been mostly unaffected.

      • I was listening to the news from England.My sister lives in London and,although we are not much in touch,I paid attention to the newscast more than usual…I have never desired some snow as in these last days…

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