Flowering decorative board…

Hello hello !!!

It is finished!





Honestly,what do you think?





15 thoughts on “Flowering decorative board…

  1. Oh, it’s beautiful! The background really shows off the pink and red of the flowers. And the crochet itself is gorgeous, isn’t it? I love how the stitches in the leaves are arranged to suggest the veins.

  2. It looks superb, the roses look very smart indeed, I have taken your lead and crocheted some flower for a bed throw I made last year, thank you for spurring me on xx

    • Yeah,well done Roma!!!
      Well,I have to be frank,I unconditionally love crocheted flowers!Of all kinds and made by any type of yarn!!!!I find them so perfect and fresh!!!They are a real and the biggest passion!!!

  3. So looking forward to the photos of your stall. Please share with us when you have them.
    Your life seems to be blossoming and I’m sure it’s because of your spirit and enthusiasm.
    I hope everything goes well and you have fun.

    • I’m praying that the weather will be fine otherwise the street market will be postponed to the next month…. 😦
      My Big man and me have a difficult life moment because of the recession but I try in any way to bring colour in our life!In my opinion,life is worth to be lived in the best,the most pleasant and funniest way possible…. 😀

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