Reading needed…

Good morning to every one out there!

So….yesterday was my first day at work…first impressions….?…well,I don’t know….I feel perplexed and worried mainly because I have never worked in a telemarketing sector…. I’ve done worse and more responsibles jobs which required great skills (solving problems is one of my best characteristic…)… and now,I feel so silly in finding myself completely lost ….I suppose that it’s just a matter of time and practice and then I’ll be able to carry out my tasks with no fears and no stress….

In the meantime and just to praise myself…. (no reason for but it sounds good said that way….) I spent my afterwork time in a library book store (I’m sorry I realized only now my mistake….I have to read more and more and more in original languages….The mistake is due to my occasional use of English language….) ….after a year passed in learning to crochet,knit and sew it’s about time to actively read again!!!Please,do not misunderstand, I enjoy every crafty moment of my life,but I have neglected books for such a long time and that’s not ok…so,after have being attending the first job training course I had a big need for poetry and good literature….I bought Irène Némirovsky’s Suite française and started to read it….her writing is quite fluid and captivating, perfect to be read during my travel time to work and back…

….moreover,I found among my crochet goodies a perfect bookmark which,I think,is the main reason of the present post… (…..well,no….the main reason is the need to yell out my awkwardness…. which,I hope, will soon disappear…. and,yes,I feel better now,thanks…)….

Ok,here it is,the bookmark, which you’ve already seen…..but not in the present context….


I find it extremely comfortable….during the reading session it can be hanged over a finger and one would avoid to look after it once finished….Brilliant,isn’t it….? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


It is pleasant to be touched, too…


Thank you soooooooo much for tolerating me and for your understanding….





11 thoughts on “Reading needed…

  1. I hope you will soon begin to feel settled in you new role, it’s not easy to turn your life around yet I have every confidence that given time you will rise and surpass every challenge thrown your way 🙂

    • 😀 Thank you,Roma!You’re to kind!This kind of job was always so strange to me…. 😛 Learning to be a thelephone operator will be a tough challenge…. 😛

  2. Tajan
    Your posts really cheer me up! And that lovely heart with the beautiful button…so gorgeous.
    I also have to put time aside for reading – I’m so busy that it almost feels like like a guilty pleasure sometimes. But there are times when only poetry will ease my worries and getting lost in good writing makes life just feel right!
    Good luck with the new job. It’s always difficult at the start but you will be fine!

    • Oh,thank you so much,dear Denise!II’m living a restless period right now and I found peace in reading.
      I have my Big man trying to study English right now and he’s reading some dialogues in such a pitiful way that I have to join him and help…I loved so much your words that I’d like to answer you in a nice way but it’s better I’ll do it tomorrow morning…

    • Ok,now I can answer to your nice comment with all the due attention. 🙂
      I’m so glad that my posts have such a positive impression on you,it is always a great pleasure to know that sharing my work and thoughts can be cheering and usefull.
      Reading your nice commet yesterday night, when I was back home from work, was really calming.It is of great support reading words of comfort which give such a great relief.
      I really don’t know the right way how thank you properly!
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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