Just finished….

Hello, dear friends…

I spent a peaceful Sunday with my Big man at our tiny home and wanted to use a ball of wool I bought some times ago and which was waiting for its  moment of glory…. and so…I knitted another better finished off pair of fingerless gloves…. 😀




I suppose that you’re wondering if I knit only scarfs and gloves…..unfortunately I do,those are the only things I could eventually knit without a pattern which terms are still unknown to me….well time has arrived to try something more serious….

Wish you all a still night!





5 thoughts on “Just finished….

  1. The wool is beautiful, I love the very professional finish of the flower 😀 do you find knitting so much harder than the amazing crochet you do? I have to admit I’m still at a loss over crochet terms, I will get there, just not today that’s all lol

    • Well,I think your problems with crochet terms are mine with knitting….I find difficult to follow the knitting directions in both Italian and English language…up till now I knit thanks to the help of a lady,owner of a nice yarn store here in Parma.

      • I think I need to get really friendly with youtube and get to grips with my fear of all things crochet… other than basic granny squares 😀

      • I learnt to crochet watching you tube….but if we talk about knitting….I always get crazy with the video tutorials because there are some tricks which I never notice at first sight and always need someone to show me what I do wrong…. 😛

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