A Garland and a Rose….

Good evening,my dear friends!

I’m waiting for my Big man coming home with the ingredients for my angel food cake (nothing to do with the American kind of but I needed the term to describe the shape of mine) and in the meantime I crocheted some sample of….

… a garland….





….I have to admit that I’m surprised that I actually like it…. 😀 I was always skeptical about garlands….now I have changed my mind….The one of the above photo will be exposed on my stall and I’ll do another one for our bedroom…. 😀 ❤

…..and a rose….



I followed the same pattern of the roses made yesterday but used a thiner cotton yarn….well,it looks like a tiny pretty jewel….it can be used as a small brooch…I have only to buy a back bar pin and sew it on…. 😀 The baby pink surprised me with its beauty…..I’ll give to this difficult colour more chances from now on….

What do you think? Do you like these two samples of mine….?

I wish you all a happy, pleasant and peaceful Sunday!





2 thoughts on “A Garland and a Rose….

  1. The rose is sooo delicate, your stall will be awash with colour and crochet heaven ❤ I have thought about doing a garland now I've seen how spectacular yours is I just might give it a whirl 🙂

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