Busy Monday

Hello,my dear friends!

Today I was and still am very busy (dinner must be prepared….well,easy enough,home made pizza….you’ll see why in a sec! 😀 ) because I have a new toy in my kitchen, thanks to my insistence and to the mediation of my father in law, and had to try it …………


It is a PASTRY BOARD!!!!!Now,I’m a real housewife…………… 😛 but fortunately I have to start a part time in a few days so I’m on the way to gain again the independence I used to have before moving here to Parma……….Well,I have to admit that I really really hate to stay at home and take care only of the house but I enjoy when I have to do any kind of dough….

….for pizza,fresh pasta,strudel….and bread….. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

My second try in home making bread is in the below photo…………..


It looks quite alike the bread my mum used to bake when we were little….


So,my today’s lunch was two slices of my bread with butter and a cup of coffee…. Crochet couldn’t miss………



…..and after this self satisfactory meal I finished the doily I was making in the meantime….


….and then I crocheted some coasters with the remains of the Drops yarn used few days ago….



So,there I have now a set composed by the big fat doily and six coaster….. nice….. 😀


Here it is,the result of my today’s hard work….. 😀 😀 😀


Wish you all a nice and peaceful evening!





2 thoughts on “Busy Monday

  1. Your doilies and coasters are STUNNING !!!! I love them sooo much ❤ Beloved made me a marbled topped pastry table when he built my kitchen perhaps I'll show it off on a post sometime soon

    • Thanks,Roma!I hope that people will love them when I’ll display them on my stall….I think that a marbled table is better than a wooden board but for now I couldn’t wish anything better….we live in 45 m2 flat…the only solution was the above one…. 😛

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