Saturday afternoon

Hello,my dear friends!

How are you?I really hope that you’re spending a nice and peaceful afternoon with your beloved people around…I do…Well,my Big man is in the room watching a movie while I’m here writing about my last project…but,God,we are together!!!! ❤ I knew that my afternoon would be pleasant so I thought that it was the right time to try a new recipe so I baked a nice lemon cake….


It tastes as good as it looks….I really do love home made simple cakes….they make me feel good and in peace with the world……….

You know,I always wished to find some day my favourite yarn here in Parma…and yesterday evening it happened….I found unexpectedly the place of my future cash sins….and I started shamelessly to sin….


I’m sorry for only a thing…the shop is run in an excellent way…it is conceived as a bar where you can come to crochet, knitt and sew while chatting with your friends and you can touch and purchase the nice yarn I love sooooo much…but I felt that the whole is a bit pretentious and snobbish….I will go to the yarn bar soon,that for sure,but I don’t think I’ll have a coffee there,I feel unconfortable.For me yarn means warmth and human kindness,not detached attitude…….well,despite my first negative impression I bought some yarn and I crocheted a big fat doily…. (always following the Emma Lamb pattern….)


….using a hook of 4 mm gauge….


….so here they are….the cotton yarn, the hook, the doily and my dotty cup with tea and milk….


…..I forgot the small pair of scissors…..

Wish you all a nice and warm and full of love Sunday……..





9 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon

  1. Sorry the yarn bar was a little snobbish, perhaps your first impressions will be proven wrong next time you visit, your doily is wonderful as usual 😀

    • I really do hope so!!!Well,the yarn will surely help… 😀 and thanks for your appreciation….I’m happy you like it….and yeah, crochet and cake is a combination that works very well….

  2. I hope the yarn bar is a little more comfortable the next time. Coffee in itself usually involves warmth and friendship as well, so maybe you just found someone who doesn’t get that part of it. For me, I can’t imagine anything more awesome than a place where I could work with other crafters while sipping on coffee. I hope that doesn’t make me snobbish. 😉

    • I totally and completely agree with you,dear Deborah!Me to,I love to spend time with friends chatting,having coffee and crafting.I love to go and visit my favourite yarn shop whose kind owner teached me to knitt and where I spent many hours in a great marvelous and warm company.Unfortunately that didn’t happen in the yarn bar last evening…maybe next time….I’ll give to it not one but a lot of chances mainly because of the Drops yarn…. 😀 😀 😀
      By the way,can I take a small advantage of your being an English teacher and ask for a kind advice of yours?I have to teach my Big man the English language (well,we are at the ABC level…..) but he,badly for me,is a hopeless case.Being an engineer he has no linguistic ability but needs to know English for work….what can I do….. 😦 😦 😦 ?The old traditional grammar method beginnings were all used but without a result….. 😦 😦 😦 Maybe a different method….? I’ll be gratefuf for any kind of suggestion. 🙂

  3. Found your blog and loving it! My dream is to own a wool cafe, fabulous yarns, coffee and hot chocolate and a bit of cake at the ready. Lots of cosy chatting, big cushions, feet up on comfy old sofas. Relaxation. You are invited along with anyone else who likes the sound of it. One day!

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