Little doilies

Hello,my dear friends!

In these last two days I spent some time crocheting small doilies just for….Well,I was still waiting but I also wanted to improve the pattern of my last post holders so…By the way,the call,better the SMS I was waiting for arrived this afternoon and I feel now more relieved,thanks a lot for your nice support and understanding… ❤ ❤ ❤ Love to you all, nice people out there in the wild world…

For make my doilies, I used a hook of 1,5 mm gauge (there’s something wrong with this sentence,but can’t understand what in this very moment….), actually the tiniest hook I could effectively handle….and the doilies turned out quite small but lovely…


I love the one of the below photo in particular…..


The dimentions are more clear if compared with the other stuff on the table….


For now I’ll store these two little goodies,but I’d like to wear something like that next spring….


I think that sew a bag like the one of the above photo will not be so hard…even for me … what do you think?Any advices,great tailors out there…..? 😀 😀 😀

I wish you a great evening!!!!




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