…and waiting…

Hello,my friends!

There was no phone calls today…well,I dont know what to think…but it goes in this way here right now so I have to accept the situation,unwillingly…I even went out and have done some errands for my Big man,all to avoid to be obsessed with the espectations… well,going out wasn’t such a bad idea at all…


I couldn’t resist to those magazines…in particular to the crochet one,the last of the three on the above picture!I see often the bag suggested and I thought it was about time to have the pattern at home.So,when I’ll be in the right mood…I have already made one last summer…


…and I had worn it for a long time and it will be actual next summer, too….I love how it turned out….but let’s come back to the present time….to pot holders….

I made six of them including those which photos I’ve already published…I found a pattern for a smaller flowering pot holder on Ravelry which is much alike the one I’ve already crocheted…



They are so little,but so cute!I particularly love the light blue one which is hanged on my very dark oven and makes it look aesthetically acceptable.

I crocheted another Emma Lamb’s holder…


…and this time I crocheted the back side, too…


It looks more compact than the first one to which,on the other hand, I sewed its back side on…


Well, it is obvious that this is not my best sewing performance but,in this case,it works….

My embryonic idea of the pot holder project is the following one…


I have enough pot holders,I just have to find the way for hang them in a proper way…It will be nice to cook surrounded by nice hand made goodies….

Have a nice evening,dear and lovely people!Enjoy yourself and have fun!





8 thoughts on “…and waiting…

    • I love the bag too!To be frank,I was searching for a model apt for winter time…the pattern could be ok but the colours must be darker….we will see…anyway,the bag is gorgeous!!!

  1. I hate waiting for people to reply after an interview. It seems so rude when they don’t let you know. You never know if you had a chance or were asked to make the numbers up ( that’s happened to me). Enjoy making the pot holders, they are lovely. The right job will come along working with the right people. Good luck

    • I can’t agree better!In my case,I was said I was apt for the position and I was waiting for the confirmation call yesterday….which had never arrived…mah,let’s see if there will be any news on Monday…..Thanks for your kind words and for your understanding!It means a lot for me! 😀

  2. Hello Tajana,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, it was nice to read:)
    I love your potholders, they are great crochet projects, don’t you think.
    Sorry you have to wait so long for an answer, I am sure you will find a good job!

    • ❤ you are too kind,thanks 😀 I'm happy you like my pot holders,I felt really good when crocheting them!You have a really amazing blog and make so many great projects!!!!My biggest compliments!

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