Another pot holder

Hello,my friends!

I know,I know,it seems that there is the pot holder obsession ruling at my home… 😀 😀 😀 Well,I find them so useful but in the same time very decorative,and more over, I like the presentation which Emma Lamb makes with them….just take a look here


I love this one in particular….


These photos are all from Emma Lamb’s FB page.

Well,I was searching for a pattern to try and crochet one of these beauties and I found the following one on Ravelry…




This is the first try and I’m quite satisfied with the result. Nonetheless,I’d like to ask you if you have a similar pattern but with more spikes,I’m not good in creating patterns and would really like to have a potholder similar to the above Emma Lamb’s one…

I’ll be sooooooooooooo enormously thankful to you all.

Have a nice day!




9 thoughts on “Another pot holder

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    • Thanks for understanding,dear Geraldine!You can’t imagine how I would like to have a room like the Emma Lamb’s one.I love that crochet artist,she has so much taste and sensibility…

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