Roses and Japanese flowers

Hello, my dear friends!

I was quite busy these days but I had fortunately found some time for crafting. I’m sooooooo happy that I can tell you that I managed to find a rose pattern that I’m able to crochet. 😀 I have to thank a lot one nice blog for the suggestion,Cherry Heart…. 😀





This is just an experimental crochet project and I hope to be able to use these nice roses in something concrete. 😀 In the meantime I enjoy these nice colours in my bathroom.

I said that I would like to have a nice Japanese flower decoration in my small home so… I made it… 😀



Sorry for the dark photos…there is not much light in this part of the flat…




After these colourful photos something practical….I’m shortening, for the second time in my life, a pair of jeans…. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


I would never said that using a pair of scissors could be such a pleasure….My mum should be proud of me….. (well….my mum is a tailor….but….was never been able to teach….. :P)….


😀 😀 😀

There’s a whole knitting afternoon in front of me…….

Have a nice day,lovely people out there!!!!!




6 thoughts on “Roses and Japanese flowers

  1. The roses are utterly gorgeous, have a fabulous afternoon knitting, well done on the jeans, not something I’ve ever had to do as all my loved ones are sooo tall,

    • Oh,my Big man and me are sooo short and large…well,not excessively large…ok, we need to have jenas cut,that’s all… 😀 Thanks,as usual,for your kind words! ❤

    • I can suggest you the Suzann Thompsons’ books,Corchet Garden and Crochet Bouquet,the most great purchase I’ve ever made!You can find there all kind of flowers and the patterns are a peace of cake!You’ll love it!

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