The pot holder of mine

Hello, dear friends!

As you have eventually learnt by reading my posts, recently I was busy with learning new crafting techniques and I have neglected crochet for a while (except for making Christmas gifts…nice and very satisfying but I had felt a bit obliged to work…). Then I have suddenly realized that I haven’t done anything nice for myself so this morning I spent some hooky time for embellish my nest…


… and I crocheted another flowering pot holder….



You saw that I’ve made many of them but none for me so…I think I’ll use this one (made with the yarn I brought with me from Croatia) in many ways but not as a pot holder…. 😀 😀 😀 maybe I’ll put and keep it under a vase….


(I bought the above and below nice rose during my today’s morning shopping….. 🙂 )



…or I’ll use it as an exclusive coaster for my dotty tea cup…used as a coffee cup too….


Well,its use is not a big deal, more important is having a cozy home…



What can I say more…nothing,I rather smile… 🙂

I mentioned the shopping….oh,yeah,here they are,my today’s purchases…

…some colourful cotton yarn…


…and a nice cotton fabric and a padding for try and sew a quilted pot holder…


I don’t know when I’ll sew it but the necessary stuff is at home so when I’ll be in the mood for… 😀

I the meantime I continue kinitting my wrap…


Just a quick update for say that I knitted already 113 cm of it, something about 45,2 inches… nice….So now it is better that I continue working on it and try to have it finished soon.

A big hug.




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