Last post of the year

Hello,my dears!

I didn’t mean to write a post today but I received a nice delivery from Sweden so I’ve changed my mind mainly because I owe to say thanks to Iida,the lady who surprised me so pleasantly this last day of 2013. I warmly suggest you to have a look on her nice blog. Some time ago she had a wonderful idea to collect grannies to join and make a blanket for charity so I sent her some I’d made a long time ago and which laid useless in my closet.She sent me a nice gift for my negligible help and made my day more shiny!






Even if I already wrote you a mail I must say that I can’t stop thanking you enough for your thoughtfulness,dear Iida! ❤ I wish you a great year!!!

My dears,what are you going to do this New Year’s Eve?I hope you’ll spend great time with your family and friends!My Big Man and me have been invited at friends of ours’ so I’ve spent the morning in baking cakes and cooking lentils… 😀

So we have a Croatian simple cake…


The Italian Torta Susanna, a kind of cheesecake made with ricotta..


…and tasty lentils (they are very good this time…)…..




Have fun!!!




6 thoughts on “Last post of the year

  1. What a thoughtful gesture on both your parts, wishing you lots of love for the new year, don’t forget to make a wish at midnight 😀

    • 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I would have liked to see you that evening with your family….I think that everybody liked your acting…I’ll try to do my best in particular because I still feel so embarrassed with the people here although I live in Parma for three years already…people have a different mentality in the place where I come from…

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