Shopping,gifts and….Merry Christmas

Hello, my dear friends!

I’m spending the afternoon alone so I thought it could be nice to write a pre Christmas post in this short moment of calm.

Not much,just to show you the purchases of the morning shopping…


Well,my mum in law bought me the sewing machine so the above book is really needed.I don’t know how to use my new treasure (the machine is still unpacked…..I’m not yet ready to face it………..) but sooner or later it will be on my table…so……..I gave a quick look at the book and find it perfect for a beginner like me.

I have a new novel, too……..


I have to admit that I was attracted by the book cover not by the introducing note…It is the very first time that I let myself buy something only because of its appearance,I even don’t know who the author is, but,never mind,somethimes we must let our instinct make choices for us…I’ll tell you if I did well after reading it,but first I have to finish the below book….


 Andric’s novel, The Bridge Over the Drina,is really enjoyable.Usually, you can read between the lines of every Balcan novelist or poet a deep conscious acceptance of both positive and negative life aspects and this approach helps me in this very moment to face the hard crisis which afflicts Italy.There is not only money missing…..but hope in a better future, too.

Before my Big man left home this morning we had a coffee in a nice bar here in Parma.Despite serving coffee they sell it, too, so we bought some for us and for his family.


I love the colour and the simple design of this paper bag but I love the most the aroma of the freshly milled coffee contained in it.

I started with books,then I passed to coffee and,now,I’d like to talk about yarn….better,about a needle….the below needle….


What a nice object it is….once finished,I’ll secure the wrap I’m knitting with it…God,now I really can’t wait… I made a great progress yesterday afternoon…


 As you can see,I decided to play with yarn,colour and lines.I don’t follow a precise pattern but I’m knitting it following my personal aesthetic sence.Well,that is the beginning….I hope that at the end it will turn out nice and pleasant to wear.For now, I can tell you that it is really incredibly soft………..



Here they are,the today’s purchases all together….


At the very end of the present post I want to show you the first gifts I received…


A nice flower pot,a nice fat plant,a nice soft heart and a nice nail polish……….. 😀 😀 😀 A thousands of likes…… 😀 😀 😀



With the above shots of homespun holiday joy I would like to wish you all a nice,marvelous,peaceful and merry Christmas!

With all my love!



3 thoughts on “Shopping,gifts and….Merry Christmas

  1. I just know that once you get your sewing machine out your creative mind will be filled with gorgeous and imaginative goodies to share on your post’s, can’t wait to see what will feature next… hugs to you & yours 😀

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