Good morning,nice people!

Lately I was musing about the meaning of the word primordial, that after have seen a nice post on Best of crochet.I love a lot the yarny Solar System and that view made me consider crochet in a different more deep way…

But let’s see which is the definition of primordial proposed by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary,my very first dictionary ever:

primordial /praIʹmͻːdiɘl/ adj [usu attrib] (fml) existing at or from the beginning, esp of the world or the universe: primordial gasesa primordial swamp. ► primordially / -diɘli/ adv.

So we have a primordial universe…


A primordial life…


Just a small note to say that these photos are not mine but I found them googling…

What can we obtain if we apply this particular and so specific term to the yarn and craft…?

Well…we could have a primordial gift…




The pattern of this nice pot holder is creJJtion‘s and I copied her work step by step…

and,ta-dah!!!!!!!,we could have a primordial knitting….


Have you ever seen Ratatouille…well this is my favourite Pixar‘s cartoon and I watch it with great pleasure every time I have the chance to!Well,when Anton Ego,a powerful food critic, comes to taste Linguini’s,ops…sorry Remy’s, cooking, he asks the waiter if they can serve him some perspective…This is a nice way to say that things gain value through our eyes and our understanding of the world and I liked my lately, maybe a little exaggerated but nice, deep musing about the pleasing and satisfying activity which crochet is.

I wish you all a primordial day full of different and great perspectives!




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