In a pansy mood…

Evening,dear friends!

Just a quick post (hoping with not too many grammar mistakes…) to show you my last enjoyable project…




I had fun taking this photos with different light … yes I know,my pics are not the best ones,but I’m at my first steps…well,I think I’ll remain at this stage for a while… The old bed cover my mum-in-law gave me three years ago seems to be a nice vintage background for my crafty works.It should be used more…Lately, I was thinking about crocheting this Suzann Thompson’s nice yarny pansy and today I did it for the first time. The leaf pattern is also hers…Since I bought yesterday two gift boxes, one of them already decorated, I thought that it could be nice to decorate the other one,too.So,here they are together…



Tomorrow morning I’m going shopping and I really hope that I’ll find some better boxes…. 😦

Yuppie!!!!The blanket is all joined…


….and tomorrow I’ll start the edge. There is a nice blanket pattern on this wep page whose edge I’m going to reproduce on mine.

Ok,it is 7.00 pm and it is about time to have dinner ready. πŸ˜€ I hope that you like my flowers… πŸ™‚ I’m quite happy when I crochet them,in particular when I make my first attempts and see them turning out nice…

Have a nice evening!




12 thoughts on “In a pansy mood…

  1. Just for the records,as I said in one of my latest posts I haven’t made the squares,I’m only joining them.Well,at first I was so concerned with the result of that project, the yarn quality and colours weren’t my favourites,but now…I’m glad that I figured out the way to combine the squares properly. πŸ˜€

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