Thanks Arijana!

Hello hello!

How are you today?Hoping that you’re doing something nice and soul healing!

I just want to share with you a page run by a Facebook friend of mine

First page ever which promote my blog. Hooray!!!!!Here below I quote her introduction:

Lets buy Christmas presents from small local businesses and self-employed people.
For example, from our local charity shops, your neigbour who sells on-line, the local crafts person who makes jewellery, the girl who has a stunning florist, the local gift shop, your friend who runs a shop, The local bakers that do handmade cakes, buns and chocolates or the baker who sells at the market. The guys who run the local cafe, the ladys who run the local nailbar or beauty and hairdressing salons.

Make sure your money goes to individual people and not multinational companies,
This way more local people will have a better Christmas.

I like very much her initiative and the Croatian sense of solidarity and female aggregation as well as the mutual help.The only thing I can do is thanking her for making this world a better place.




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