That is what…

…I was talking about.I couldn’t resist and on my way home from the post office I took some interesting shots.






From my point of view the second photo is the one which turned out the best…The two aspects about which I was talking in my previous post are both present.Well,I have to learn more and more and more before I could even think that a photo of mine could tell a story…Nonetheless,I have really fun in experimenting and that is the most important thing.Moreover,I learn to love the town which still hasn’t affected me much even though Parma is a nice Medieval burg…Well,maybe because here they have 8 months of foggy and cloudy weather and the rest is rain…the sun…well,sometimes it appears…today too,it is rainy and I had to take the photo quickly…even so, my poor camera,the doily and me got wet through… đŸ˜›




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