The Creepiest Crochet on the Web

Must be seen!

Squirrel Picnic

Let’s face it, Squirrel Picnic is more cute than creepy. You won’t ever see an impaled fatimal or a squirrel skeleton. It just doesn’t happen here, but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating the macabre, especially around Halloween. So I thought I’d take advantage of the approaching holiday to explore the darker side of the fiber arts and gather what I consider to be some of the creepiest, most disturbing crochet on the web.

In addition to having the guts to bring some pretty amazing (and yucky) things to life in crochet, these artists are also exceptionally talented. What I find most interesting is that whether they are crocheting bacteria, skeletons, or dismembered limbs, each of these artists explores some of life’s most disturbing aspects through an art form that is essentially soft and comforting. Through its cuddly nature, crochet provides a unique opportunity to reexamine and explore some of…

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